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SubjectRe: elevator code
If I understand your elevator algorithm, you switch between two queues, filling one queue while
removing from another queue.

If you modify this to only be invoked when starvation of is detected, that is, to only prevent
filling the removing queue when the oldest unsatisfied request exceeds some tunable age, then I like
the model for those situations where real time I/O is not needed. We also need some functionality
that gives priority to a process that has I/O that has been pending for more than that process has
stated its maximum pending I/O time is, and this does not address that issue.

Unfortunately the guy I hired to do these features for us didn't write code with sufficient care for
me to keep him with us, so I am again looking for that hire to do it. Maybe somebody will beat
Namesys to it, and do these things for us, which is okay with me.

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