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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> "Version" - the base kernel version. For example, "2.4.0-test8-pre1".
> The web page will list valid version strings.

Ideally this should be overridable for patches marked experimental, since
they might be to some modified kernel. Of course you wouldn't do an
test for applyability :-)

> Linus wants the body of patches to be in text format and not
> MIME-encoded or uuencoded.

Well, since it'll be machine-parsed anyway, can't we just fix that up?

> Good patches are sent to the linux-kernel mailing list which is
> also where additional discussion about these patches can take
> place.

...and the patch-id should go in the Subject line i.e.
Subject: [PATCHID: KP3004] fix for video card catching fire
Then the web interface to the patch database could also have
the archived discussion available right there

Also there should be some flag to turn off the "automatic posting"
feature for the truly TRULY trivial patches ("i found a spelling
error in a comment") that just don't merit discussion

> - Linus should reject most out-of-band patches if this is to work.

Yes, but you should be able to select people other than Linus that
they want the patch sent to (and probably different mailing lists you
want the patch discussed on). That way this can scale to the various
maintainers. For instance if I haved a great new networking feature
I could have the system send it to davem (assuming that he signs
up for it - I'm just using him as an example) and discussion of it
on netdev. David decides that he likes the patch, and he sends
a (GPG/PGP signed) message to the server indicating this. Now the
patch goes into Linus's queue (and lkml) with a note indicating
that davem has blessed it.

Of course, other developers with public keys on file could also tag it
so that if a patch touches several different subsystems it can get
"signed off on" by the involved maintainers before Linus has to make
a call.

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