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SubjectRe: Booting into /bin/bash
According to Ion Badulescu:
> This still doesn't solve the original problem, i.e. init (or whatever you
> pass as init) still doesn't get a controlling tty from the kernel.

And for *good* reason.

> However, since init appears to be safe from these issues, it it fairly
> trivial to fix this in the kernel; the second patch below takes care of
> it. The patch is against 2.2.17 but will apply against pretty much any 2.2
> and 2.4 kernel. It's is for i386 only, but the fixup for other
> architectures is extremely obvious.

Don't patch the kernel. If init gets the controlling tty, and you
press ^C -> SIGINT gets sent to init -> init interprets this as
ctrl-alt-del ! Yes, choosing SIGINT as the signal sent to init on
ctrl-alt-del was probably not very bright (and it was my idea.. sorry)
but there's nothing we can do about it now.

I'm already working on 2.79 and this section has already gotten
a complete overhaul.

Deadlock, n.:
Deceased rastaman.
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