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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
Alan Cox wrote:
> Humans will generally get a weird report from sending Linus a message wonder
> what all this field stuff is and mail someone else instead.

If they're able to create a patch, hopefully they'd be able to fill in
a simple email template (and I've seen some pretty dim folks manage to
register domains with InterNIC, so email templates aren't that hard :-)

We could even have a simple web page where you check a few boxes and
fill in "URL to patch" and hit submit.

> The thing that needs the most thinking about is how to handle patches that
> don't have all this id crap and stuff on them.

Like any tracking system, the suceess or failure of its rollout depends
completely on whether Linus et al will be steadfast enough to refuse
to look at any patch that hasn't gone through the system.

It's just like when you're converting a helpdesk to use a ticket tracking
system. You need to teach the tech people that when they run into
someone in the hallway that says "hey, my printer is broken, come fix it"
they they need to reply "you must be mistaken - if your printer were
broken you would have filed a trouble ticket... since I have no trouble
ticket your printer must be fine". People catch on quick.

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