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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
David S. Miller writes:

> Ok, so lets be clear.
> Who is this facility really meant for? Linus (to decrease his
> workload), Ted (to assist him in keeping the todo/bug lists uptodate),
> or developers (who cares :-)?
> From the description, my take was that this thing is meant to help all
> three entities.

How exactly does a system to tracking patches and bugs/fixes (not to
mention helping Linus and Ted) not help developers? In other words,
it is meant to help all three entities.

Anyway, I understand your request, but it's not my call. Obviously,
it's better if patches successfully apply to the live tree the first
time, but aside from that, it doesn't have much effect on the
mechanics of the patch management system.

- Dan
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