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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 02:15:58AM -0700, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> Required tags:
> "Version" - the base kernel version. For example, "2.4.0-test8-pre1".
> The web page will list valid version strings.
> "Description" - a detailed description of the patch.
> Optional tags:
> "Fixes" - followed by one or more bug numbers (tracked by tytso
> for now). For example, "T0001" might be tytso bug
> number 0001.
> "Obsoletes" - followed by one or more kernel-patch identifiers.
> For example, "KP7555".
> "Requires" - followed by one or more kernel-patch identifiers.
> For example, "KP7555".
> "Cc" - followed by one or more email addresses to be carbon-copied
> on success.
> "Flags" - followed by one or more supported flags.
> For example, "experimental" (that is, don't submit
> anything to Linus).
> The tags are basically in RFC 822 format, but are placed in the body
> of the email. (Additional lines are preceeded by whitespace, tags are
> followed by a colon, etc.)
> Linus wants the body of patches to be in text format and not
> MIME-encoded or uuencoded.
> 3. A robot will process all patches for correctness (mostly, does it
> apply?) with the possibility of additional tests later such as
> compilation tests, regression tests, etc.
> 4. If the robot likes the patch, it will create a unique identifier
> (i.e. "KP7562") and prepend a log entry to the body of the patch:

Would it be possible to have an optional Id: tag where you could
suggest a unique identifier for your patch? Humans are usually better
at picking sensible names than a machine, and in discussions, it is
better to refer to 'ide-foobar-fix3' than KP7562 even if the latter is
better for machines. It also makes the Requires: header easier to


Alexander Kjeldaas

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