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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 02:15:58AM -0700, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> Proposal:
> 1. Developers submit all Linux kernel patches to
> (not in place yet, so don't start sending patches).

> 2. Each patch will conform to a standardized, but simple, text format,
> which looks something like this (exact details to be determined):

Add optional entry 'list', to send the patch only to a relevant list
(for testing patch).

> Linus wants the body of patches to be in text format and not
> MIME-encoded or uuencoded.

kernel-paches should be capable to receive MIME and uuencoded mail.
The robot will convert to the canonical text format.

> 3. A robot will process all patches for correctness (mostly, does it
> apply?)

and if it is a unified patch with the right base directory.

> with the possibility of additional tests later such as
> compilation tests, regression tests, etc.

> 4. If the robot likes the patch, it will create a unique identifier
> (i.e. "KP7562") and prepend a log entry to the body of the patch:
> Good patches are sent to the linux-kernel mailing list which is
> also where additional discussion about these patches can take
> place. All patches (good and bad) will be logged and there will be
> a web interface to access the patch database.
> We had some amount of discussion about whether a separate mailing
> list would be a good idea, but we ruled the idea out because
> fragmenting the kernel-related discussion would have negative
> effects on development. If it becomes a problem, we can always
> separate it later.

IMHO we can already slit the lists in:
linux-kernel : the normal developers list
linux-bug (or linux-kernel-bug): for the "Alan Cox" tree (2.2 now)

> 6. When and if Linus applies an entire patch, the patch-log will be
> updated with a record of the changes. If Linus applies a partial
> patch, then he will remove (or edit) the patch-log section of the
> patch.

7. Testing. The people can test the patch and send a report.
Thus it should be added the some happy/unhappy field somewhere on

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