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SubjectRE: Patches
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Mason, Christopher (Paging) Engineering wrote:

[...about HPT370 and ide patches...]

> If I wanted to install, say for example RedHat 6.2 onto a machine with just
> 1 UDMA100 HD, would I have to go and patch the setup disks so
> they could see the HD to install onto? As *I think* with 6.2, it will not
> see the HD during setup.

Probably yes if it won't see it during boot. But if RedHat is patching
their kernels with ide you may try to get newer setup disks images...

Or you can use disk utils to set it to U33/U66 mode (if this is needed of
course), plug it into on-board ide controller (there must be some other
ide controller on the mobo) and install RedHat distro.
Then get newer kernel from RedHat or compiled yourself, plug disk into
HPT370 and set it to U100.

[Ehm... It looks I'm wrong person to answer this question.]

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz

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