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SubjectRe: Distro kernel patches (was Re: Linux 2.2.18pre4)
* Chip Salzenberg writes:

Hi Chip,

> According to Ralf Gerbig:
>> but SuSe and I believe RedHat etc. etc. _do_ ship patched kernels.

> You've just made L-K's understatement of the day.


so I rest my case vs shrink wrap.

OTOH one of the first things I do after trying a new distribution is
to replace the kernel by the latest and greatest, at least for the box
at home and mine at work.

I think I know what I am doing, or suffer otherwise. Those who want to
upgrade their kernels have a choice between vendor suplied rpms, debs,
tar.gz´s or the one and only from [ftp|http]//ftp.** If they
choose the latter, I would presume they are able to patch that one to
their liking.

OK I confess I usually chicken out and wait for those who_really_
know what they are doing, to supply their patches to the mainstream

What I am trying to say is that I am perfectly happy to wait until the
maintainers integrate the code into the mainstream kernel.

P: Linus Torvalds patch-2.2.4
-S: Buried alive in diapers
+S: Buried alive in reporters
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