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SubjectRe: The case for a standard kernel debugger
** Reply to message from Keith Owens <> on Thu, 14 Sep 2000
08:49:50 +1100

> (5) Easier for kernel beginners to learn the kernel internals. Having
> worked on 10+ operating systems over the years, I can testify that
> some form of kernel/OS tracing facility is extremely useful to get
> people started.

Excellent post, but I can relate to this point the most. Using the debugger to
aid in understanding the kernel is akin, IMHO, to knowing assembly language
when programming in a high-level language. People who understand how the
computer works (which is only possible if you know asm) are better programmers
than those who don't. Similarly, interacting with the kernel while its doing
its "magic" makes it easier to understand that magic.

I lost a lot of respect for Linus when he made comments that basically implied
that I was not worthy of learning the Linux kernel because I did not want to do
it the hard way.

Timur Tabi -
Interactive Silicon -

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