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SubjectRe: Update Linux 2.4 Status/TODO list
David Ford wrote:
> Andre Hedrick wrote:
> > > 4. Boot Time Failures
> > >
> > > * Use PCI DMA 'lost interrupt' problem with some hw [which ?] (NEC
> > > Versa LX with PIIX tuning)
> >
> > If this is a rare version of the BX/LX that has a no fix errata, then it
> > will be messy to issue resets to get out of the loop.
> >
> > > * PIIXn tuning can hang laptop (2.4.0-test8-pre6, David Ford)
> >
> > Need more details of how APM/ACPI is dorking with DMA settins by the OEM.
> These two are both reported by me, are the same issue. The exact same kernel,
> one with PIIXn tuning enabled, will hang the hardware on boot requiring a
> physical power loss to restart.
> No tuning options applied, only the capability enabled in the kernel, makes it
> crash.
> If necessary I can again provide the boot log and a verbose lspci and whatever
> else is desired. I'll even let you log in and look at it.

I have the very same problem with my system w/ PIIXn enabled on 2.4.0-test8, BP6 MB.
If you need another system/person/datapoint to help narrow down the variables I can
supply whatever info you may need or try various patches.

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