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SubjectRe: Update Linux 2.4 Status/TODO list
"Theodore Y. Ts'o" wrote:
> Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 08:46:00 +0200
> From: Harald Dunkel <harri@synopsys.COM>
> How can I submit a bug report to be added to this list?
> I *try* to follow bug reports sent to Linux-kernel, but if you want to
> be sure, send it directly to me (
> (And now for the standard spiel of developers everywhere.)
> [ This has been explicitly cc'ed to Richard Gooch so he can add it to
> the linux-kernel FAQ ( There is a section
> about bug reporting, but it's a bit thin. The old-kernel-faq maintained
> by Frohwalt Egerer has a lot more to say on this topic; what follows
> below has taken some ideas and lists from the old faq. ]
> Please follow general good bug reporting guidelines: Remember, the
> developers don't have access to your system, and they're not mind
> readers. Tell us which kernel version, and what your hardware is (if
> you're not sure, more details is better than less). At the very least,

Don't forget we have linux/REPORTING-BUGS. If that is missing some good
suggestions, update that too...


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