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SubjectRe: [patchlet] Minor cleanup in mm/swapfile.c (2.4.0t8)
>>>>> "rasmus" == Rasmus Andersen <> writes:

rasmus> Hi.
rasmus> This patch does minor and strightforward cleanup in mm/swapfile.c.

Please, don't apply, SWP_WRITEOK is defined as two bits:

#define SWP_WRITEOK 3

that means that
((p->flags & SWP_WRITEOK) == SWP_WRITEOK) != (p->flags & SWP_WRITEOK)

rasmus> while (1) {
rasmus> p = &swap_info[type];
rasmus> - if ((p->flags & SWP_WRITEOK) == SWP_WRITEOK) {
rasmus> + if (p->flags & SWP_WRITEOK) {
rasmus> swap_device_lock(p);
rasmus> offset = scan_swap_map(p, count);
rasmus> swap_device_unlock(p);

In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they
are different -- Larry McVoy
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