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SubjectPATCH: ide-scsi.c to allow claiming of Onstream drives
Attached is a patch to ide-scsi.c against 2.4.0-test8.  Please consider
applying it.

This patch removes the logic which causes ide-scsi to refuse to attach
itself to an IDE OnStream drive. While these drives are not supported by
the standard st.c driver, there is userspace support (using the sg
interface) which works with the ATAPI drive with ide-scsi patched with this

So there really is no reason for ide-scsi to reject this device.

A future patch to make st.c reject OnStream drives it is unable to support
if coming soon.


Matthew Dharm Home:
Senior Engineer, QCP Inc. Work:

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User Friendly, 2/12/1999
--- drivers/scsi/ide-scsi.c.old Tue Sep 12 17:52:22 2000
+++ drivers/scsi/ide-scsi.c Tue Sep 12 17:52:35 2000
@@ -582,16 +582,6 @@
failed = 0;
while ((drive = ide_scan_devices (media[i],, NULL, failed++)) != NULL) {

- /*
- * The Onstream DI-30 does not handle clean emulation, yet.
- */
- if (strstr(drive->id->model, "OnStream DI-30")) {
- printk("ide-tape: ide-scsi emulation is not supported for %s.\n", drive->id->model);
- continue;
- }
if ((scsi = (idescsi_scsi_t *) kmalloc (sizeof (idescsi_scsi_t), GFP_KERNEL)) == NULL) {
printk (KERN_ERR "ide-scsi: %s: Can't allocate a scsi structure\n", drive->name);
continue;[unhandled content-type:application/pgp-signature]
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