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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
> suggest a unique identifier for your patch?  Humans are usually better
> at picking sensible names than a machine, and in discussions, it is
> better to refer to 'ide-foobar-fix3' than KP7562 even if the latter is
> better for machines. It also makes the Requires: header easier to
> understand.

Humans will generally get a weird report from sending Linus a message wonder
what all this field stuff is and mail someone else instead.

The thing that needs the most thinking about is how to handle patches that
don't have all this id crap and stuff on them.

Also the requires stuff isnt going to be easy because you can't tell who
beat you to a patch and your patch _might_ still apply with wrong results so
that can't be totally automated either.


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