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SubjectRe: Update Linux 2.4 Status/TODO list
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000 wrote:

> 2. Capable Of Corrupting Your FS/data
> * Use PCI DMA by default in IDE is unsafe (must not do so on via
> VPx, x < 3) (requires chipset tuning to be enabled according to
> Andre Hedrick --- we need to turn this on by default -- TYT)

VIA Chipset code now handled by Vojtech Pavlik <>

> 4. Boot Time Failures
> * Use PCI DMA 'lost interrupt' problem with some hw [which ?] (NEC
> Versa LX with PIIX tuning)

If this is a rare version of the BX/LX that has a no fix errata, then it
will be messy to issue resets to get out of the loop.

> * HT6560/UMC8672 ide sets up stuff too early (before region stuff
> can be done)

I have HT6560 fix some where ...

> * PIIXn tuning can hang laptop (2.4.0-test8-pre6, David Ford)

Need more details of how APM/ACPI is dorking with DMA settins by the OEM.

> * Multiwrite IDE breaks on a disk error [minor issue at best]
> (hopefully fixed)

Have not seen this issue lately but that may be because of TF fixes that I

> * ACPI/APM suspend issue - IDE related stuff ? (requires full
> taskfile support that was vetoed by Linus)

Only the IOCTL method, but the re-write will not happen in time to make
2.4 release.

> Probably Hardware Bugs
> * Data corruption on IDE disks (Generic PCI DMA and SiS support
> Steven Walter) (sounds like PCChips #M599LMR motherboard doesn't
> disable UDMA when a non-UDMA cable is used. If you disable UDMA in
> the BIOS, then there is no problem. hardware bug?)

Try newest SIS code because it supports auto-dma-downgrade if iCRC's are


Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy

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