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SubjectRe: More on 2.2.18pre2aa2
Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> >Andrea - latency is time measured and perceived. Doing it time based
> >seems to make reasonable sense. I grant you might want to play with
> >the weighting per [device]

Right. Perception.

> When you have a device that writes a request every two seconds you still
> want it not to seek all the time because this would mean to make it even
> slower. No? The point very is simple: if you want good latency buy a
> faster hardware (and with a faster hardware our current elevator can
> become even more aggressive than the 1/2 second thing). You can't
> workaround the slowness of a slow device by putting the elevator in
> function of time, that will only make the global system even slower.

Sure the global system is slower. But the "interactive feel" is faster.
If I type "find /" I want it to go quickly. But I still want Emacs to
start up in a reasonable time, even if that means the overall time for
both processes is slower.

-- Jamie
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