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SubjectRe: Whining about MIME formatted email
>>>>> "Kurt" == Kurt Garloff <> writes:

Kurt> On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 06:33:34PM +1100, Keith Owens wrote:
>> Exmh handles MIME just fine and MIME is useful for some things.
>> Other people (including Linus) have made it clear that MIME is not
>> welcome on linux-kernel, plain text format is always better when
>> you are sending plain text. What next, rich text format and HTML
>> with multiple copies of the text, MSWord format?

Kurt> Stop making stupid statements like this, please, and comparing
Kurt> well-defined RFC standards with proprietary formats. MIME is a
Kurt> way for people that happen to use non 7bit characters to be able
Kurt> to print their name correctly, even in presence of MTAs
Kurt> somewhere in between that don't handle 8bit. Or with PGP, which
Kurt> also prefers 7bit ... You'll probably complain about me using a
Kurt> GnuPG signature as well.

You do not need 8 bit characters in kernel code it's as simple as
that. If you really insist, then post the patch in pure 8 bit,
quoted-unreadable is brain damage and deserves to die the sooner the
better. If there is a broken mail server somewhere in the way (which
is really really rare these days) let the people who are behind that
server suffer and not everybody else.

Besides, quoted-unreadable makes it hard to just do

patch < $MAILDIR/linux-kernel/<mail-number>

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