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SubjectMasking out one page of RAM because of bit-errors.
Dear list-readers,

I have a bad SDRAM chip with exactly one bit error. Memtest86 shows
that the bit error always occurs at the address 0x4eff508. I tried
to calculate the page number and it should be 20223.

I then looked at arch/i386/mm/init.c and found the function
"page_is_ram". I added a test which was something like this:

static inline int page_is_ram (unsigned long pagenr)
int i;

if (pagenr == 20223)
return 0;

[rest of function snipped]

A also added a few printk's so I could verify that the page was
marked as reserved by the calling function.

But it does not work. I also tried 20222 and 20224 because I didn't
know if the first pagenr is 0 or 1.

Could someone tell me if there's another way to mark this single page
as unusable ?

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