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SubjectRe: Test 8 Kernel Unable to get the password prompt?

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, David Freedom wrote:

> I tried configuring the kernel to the least amount of
> configured options to almost none and I still cannot
> get the password prompt.
> My system hangs and is unable to do anything.
> unfortunetly the only thing I can do is power down my
> PC the incorrect and most unfortunate way leading to
> filesys errors upon reboot to an older saved kernel
> image.

Are you getting both the username and password prompts
and then getting nothing after entering the password?
This is a behavior I am seeing on a laptop Pentium II.
In my case, I can CTRL-ALT-F[1-6] to get to another
VT. All attempts to log in any VT display meet the same
fate. Also, attempting to log in using GDM fail in
this way. In my case, the UI GDM continues to respond.

Lastly, trying to CTRL-ALT-DEL to initiate a shutdown
does cause the TERM and KILL signals to be sent to
all processes. Then the shutdown process locks up
after a message is printed about unloading the
keyboard driver.

Interestingly, if I boot in single mode ("linux single"
at the boot prompt), and then load GDM, I am able to
log on with no trouble.

I have sent a message to the maintainer of the
shadow-utils package, but have gotten no response.

I suspect this problem has to do with a fsck-up on
my part in getting util-linux configured properly when
I built it. I rebuilt util-linux with the sources
pointed to by Changes several development kernel
revisions ago (~2.4.0-test7).


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