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SubjectRe: Recurring Oops in 2.2.12-20smp plus ext2_free_blocks.


> > A two processor SMP machine has been crashing recently, sometimes it
> > manages to Oops before hand. Below is the klogd output with assembly
> > from gdb. The do_generic_file_read+347 Oops occurred once, the dput+77
> > Oops has occurred five times; all five are below.
> >
> > Does anyone recognise if these are fixed in later 2.2's?
> I'm trying to find an answer to this myself. I have the 2.2.12 and
> 2.2.17 source trees. `diff -u linux-2.2.12/fs/dcache.c
> linux-2.2.17/fs/dcache.c' gives 320 lines of output. Where can I find
> why those lines changed, i.e. where are the patches that affected this
> area of code?

Plodding through the release notes for 2.2.12 to 2.2.17 I find 2.2.14

Dcache Scaling
The dcache hash is scaled by memory size.
Dcache corruption
A specific very rare case of dcache corruption has been fixed.

I'd like to find more detail of the rare corruption so I can see if it
matches what we're experiencing, is it more likely with an SMP machine,
etc. Is there an archive of patches that go into a particular version


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