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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18pre4
    * Chris Wedgwood writes:

    [CC trimmed]

    Hi Cris,

    > Logical or otherwise, people _do_ this. I know plenty of people who
    > install linux or Redhat from the CD -- they never build their own
    > kernels, etc. It's not something they would consider; they like the
    > 'shrink-wrap' stuff (sans security updates).

    but SuSe and I believe RedHat etc. etc. _do_ ship patched kernels. I
    think the nfs patches are included.

    Maybe your argument is only valid for those people who update and
    conpile their kernel, but do not patch their new kernel with the
    patches that where in the kernel shipped with the distribution.

    There have been differences between Linus tree and the trees shipped
    by the distributions for quite some time, so maybe the argument is not
    valid at all :-).

    P: Linus Torvalds patch-2.2.4
    -S: Buried alive in diapers
    +S: Buried alive in reporters
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