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SubjectRe: Whining about MIME formatted email
>>>>> "Horst" == Horst von Brand <> writes:

Horst> "Albert D. Cahalan" <> said: [...]

>> That would be the "H=F8jland" in your .sig, right? No problem, '='
>> is a standard character.
>> My MUA has been RFC-compliant since before this "MIME" thing
>> existed, so I can see the full ASCII character set. That includes
>> the carat, underscore, back tick, backslash, vertical bar, at
>> symbol, octothorpe, and both braces.

Horst> That is a really upsetting US/ASCII/English-centric view. How
Horst> would you feel if the prevalent, "standard" character set
Horst> didn't include 'h' and _your_ name showed up as "Albert
Horst> D. Ca=68alan" elsewhere?!

So? I have one of those letters in my name as well, doesn't mean I put
it in the From line or in the code that I write. Or do you want us all
to start using a compiler and editors that will understand full UTF8
so everybody who use non roman character sets have their names
displayed correctly in the comments of the code?

The kernel is written in C, C is in ASCII so whats the problem?

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