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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Darkstar Development Project
On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 02:39:42PM -0700, Larry McVoy wrote:

> On the other hand, if you do a
> find . -type f | xargs touch
> time cvs update .
> it will melt down your DSL line for what seems forever. I killed it after
> 20 minutes, I have better things to do with my bandwidth. It's pretty
> clear that CVS is comparing timestamps so if your files get modified at
> all, it's going to transfer them to see what needs to be updated. The
> same sort of "touch all, then update" operation in BK has no effect on
> performance, BK doesn't do its work that way.

From some random Linux source tree's .hdepend:

/usr/people/ralf/src/linux/linux/include/asm/sn/sn0/ip27.h: \
/usr/people/ralf/src/linux/linux/include/asm/mipsregs.h \
@touch /usr/people/ralf/src/linux/linux/include/asm/sn/sn0/ip27.h
/usr/people/ralf/src/linux/linux/include/asm/sn/sn0/arch.h: \
$(wildcard /usr/people/ralf/src/linux/linux/include/config/sgi/sn0/n/mode.h)
@touch /usr/people/ralf/src/linux/linux/include/asm/sn/sn0/arch.h

Linux, born to be CVS worst case ...

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