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SubjectRe: zero-copy TCP
Todd wrote:
> While I agree with what's going on right now, the recent purchase of
> Alteon by Nortel (primarily for their switch line, not for the
> NICs) leaves quite a bit of doubt in my mind about the future of the card
> and the openness of the firmware in particular.

Why not raise your concerns on the openfw list? It would be good for
Alteon/Nortel to know the concerns of their user base, and that
programming the Tigon3 will also be interesting.

On the whole I think Alteon have had very positive feedback from opening
up their current firmware. Like, code improvements, a better compiler
(results not yet incorporated into the current Linux driver AFAIK), bug
reports and good will from users.

I believe the Tigon2 cards will continue to be manufactured for a while.
It seems to be up to the job (only just!). Btw, if Alteon close off
future firmware updates for the Tigon2, we can always fork from one of
the released firmware versions.

-- Jamie
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