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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup through kernel module
Date said:
> I have to admit, the thought hadn't occurred to me to do that. It
> almost sounds like a good idea... after all the stub can't be used if
> no modules can be loaded. Are you thinking, then, that the stub can't
> be used by compiled in (ie non-module) code? Or am I misunderstanding
> what you mean?

Unless it's _absolutely_ necessary, the kernel image (i.e. vmlinux) should
not contain any code which is dependent on CONFIG_*_MODULE options.

Therefore, stuff like...


...would mean that you have to recompile the kernel and reboot to enable the
module, rather than just compiling and loading the module.

For something which is likely to be distributed separately from the kernel,
this would be particularly painful.


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