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SubjectRe: Signal handling different for root and others
jury gerold <> wrote:
> When i create a connection (telnet a.b.c.d port) the signal is
> delivered depending on the user that does the telnet.
> If root creates the socket, then only root or another machine
> is able to trigger the signal by connecting to the socket.
> Normal users are only able to create a SIGIO signal when connecting.
> If a normal user runs the program, then any user, as well as root
> is able to trigger the realtime signal. No SIGIO is delivered.
[ minimal test program snipped ]

Didn't look at the program too closely, but I ran it on vanilla 2.2.16,
and reproduced the problem. I'm not sure F_SETSIG and friends
are supposed to work properly on 2.2.x, though; isn't 2.4.x when
they're supposed to be fully functional?
(cf. )

It's wierd - for some reason, if the client is on the
same machine as the server, the server's behavior really
differs based on whether the client is root or not.

- Dan
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