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SubjectRe: Test 8 Kernel Unable to get the password prompt?
On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 03:34:22PM +0000, Steven Walter wrote:

> If you're logging in as root, this is probably a result of the VT not
> being named in /etc/securetty. Devfsd mucks up the names, so you can
> either include "1," which would allow root logins from pseudo-terminals
> and other insecure places, or upgrade your util-linux to a newer
> version; I'm not sure what is new enough.

login checks that /etc/securetty contains the terminal name,
where the latter is obtained (since util-linux 2.10h)
from ttyname(0) by deleting a leading "/dev/" if possible.
And ttyname(0) does a readlink("/proc/self/fd/0"), which will
return the pathname that was first used to open file descriptor 0.

Maybe no change of login is required if one has 2.10h or later,
provided one adapts /etc/securetty.


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