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> > (2) Make the architecture a configuration variable (!)
> Why?
> You still need to have all the damn cross-compilers etc. At which point
> being a configuration variable is the _least_ of your worries. You're
> better off with just a new tree.

Crosscompilers are easy: take pre-compiled cross-compiler, unpack it
to /usr/mipsel-linux and you are done. But inability to share sources
between i386 and mips/r39xx is a problem for me: each tree is 100MB in
size. [Not easily solved as mips/r39xx uses cvs etc...]

> > (3) A collection of RPM's so that people can download and install
> > all the cross tools easily.
> Hey, maybe you have a few 18GB disks lying around, but none of the
> machines I use every day could afford to have another 5-6 cross-
> compilation environments lying around. It's just not practical.

What? Cross compilation environment for mips is ... just under
40MB. That's three times smaller than my linux tree:

root@bug:~# ls -al /usr/mipsel-linux
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 31 May 29 16:02
/usr/mipsel-linux -> /usr/src/velo/usr/mipsel-linux//
root@bug:~# du -s /usr/src/velo/usr/mipsel-linux/
38388 /usr/src/velo/usr/mipsel-linux
root@bug:~# du -s /usr/src/linux
139280 /usr/src/linux

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