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Subjectbizarre problems with Athlon system after upgrdaing motherboard

At work, we're using a AMD Athlon system for evaluation.

Our last motherboard didn't work with 512Mbyte simms, so we got
a new motherboard (an Asus flavor -- the old motherboard only saw 256 Mbyte).

I had Redhat 6.2 installed (2.2.14). It worked fine.

When we upgraded the motherboard, we got consistant GPFs right after
the line:
Enabling extended fast FPU save
(I didn't copy down the diagnostic output and match it up with the
map...I can if that would help).

We had 1.5 gbyte of ram, doing mem=xxxM and then reducing the
physical ram (I removed 1 gbyte) made no difference.

I have 2.4-test6 built, it seems to run fine (I have some module/configuration
issues -- they're minor).

The redhat-6.2 Boot cdrom boots/runs without problem.

I'm going to get newer kernels working right...I just wonder
if anyone has seen this behavior before...
Its very strange it ran at once time...

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