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SubjectRe: Multiple Keyboards in 2.2/2.4?

> > Don't forget about where printk goes to. Should it goe to every VT or just
> > one? As for SysRq do users want the option to disable for everyone, have
> > it work for one VT or allow it for everyone? Do we want a all or nothing
> > policy?
> It is actually very easy. Just one keyboard, and just one monitor is
> "system console". All others are just normal terminals.
> There's already same problem with serial console / vt problem. There's
> solution saying "user selects using command line what _real_ console
> is". No new problem here.
> [And yes, serial console can do both sysrq and printing kernel
> messages. No new problems here.]

Yes I know serial console works just as well as video console. I came up
with the idea of a "system console" as well. I just wanted to see if
people seen this also a "good" solution. This _real_ console is the one
where you can do things like ctrl_alt_del from it where other VTs you

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