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SubjectRe: NTFS repair tools

[redacted] wrote:
> Jeff,
> I have been working with LINUX for the first time on a dual boot machine with NT
> 4.0 and now can not boot my NT OS. I was told that you might be able to provide
> a utility to repair the partition table that will allow me to use my currently
> installed copy without having to reformat and reinstall everything.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> [redacted]

Linux Community,

I get about 40 of these a week and have been sending out NTFS repair
tools to Linux and W2K customers so they can repair NTFS volumes trashed
by the Linux NTFS driver. To date, we've probably salvaged over 2000
trashed NTFS hard drives. An earlier post in response to Rik Van Reil
referenced threats sent to us by representatives of Microsoft folks on
the list can review if they choose. Since Microsoft has threatened us
with litigation if we continue to provide NTFS products based on
Microsoft IP to customers who are using both W2K and Linux in mixed
environments, we can no longer distribute this tool. TRG has dissolved
it's NTFS and Windows 2000 Technology License with Microsoft in response
to Microsoft's legal threats and anti-Linux demands relative to TRG's
business objectives mving forward.

Anyone in possession of these tools can continue to use them, but we can
no longer distribute copies since we were required to either return or
destroy any and all source code that was based on the W2K NTFS drivers
or tools source code and documentation provided by Microsoft. The
agreements allow any current users of these tools to right to retain and
use them for personal use and is non-transferable.


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