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SubjectMemtest suite 0.0.4

Memory test suite v0.0.4

This intends to be a set of programs to test the memory management
system. I am releasing this version with the idea of gather more
programs for the suite. If you have some program to test the system,
please send it to me (

Thanks to Tom Hull and Arjan van de Ven for fixing the C++ warnings.

If you found values/combinations of tests for what the system
crash/Oops/whatever please report it to me. Then I can include it in
the tests and the people who tune the MM system can test it next time.

This version has:
An improved README
new shm test
removing several compilations warnings
added Tests file
Now RAMSIZE is a parameter that you can change at runtime
test <size in megabytes> (this patch has been done by
Marcelo Tosatti <> and then
extended by me)

I have been having requests for people for the Linux Test Project
<> about merging the two test suites,
comments about that are welcome.

Any comments/suggestions/code are welcome.

<help wanted>
If some C++, thread guru wants to change shm-stress to use something
more portable than <asm/bitops.h>, help is welcome.
</help wanted>

This tests can be made possible thanks to the collaboration of:
Conectiva <>
LFCIA (my University group) <>
that kindly donated to me an SMP machine.

Thanks for your time,
Juan Quintela

The home of this package is:

In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they
are different -- Larry McVoy
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