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SubjectTest 8 Kernel Unable to get the password prompt?
I tried configuring the kernel to the least amount of
configured options to almost none and I still cannot
get the password prompt.

My system hangs and is unable to do anything.
unfortunetly the only thing I can do is power down my
PC the incorrect and most unfortunate way leading to
filesys errors upon reboot to an older saved kernel

Brand New Dell Laptop Inspirion 600/750 Intel PIII
Speed Step.

256 SDRAM.

20 Gig hard drive.

8 meg ATI mobility video card.

Card bus, Adaptec 148oA slim SCSI.
3 COM combo ethernet and winmodem 3cxfem656c.

Dual boot Win98SE and linux Red Hat 6.2

I have all the updated needed as mentioned in your
'changes' document.

pcmcia-cs is a bit tricky though. Even though I know
3.19 is installed it version shows up as 3.11? Maybe
because the RPM version is still not available as 3.19
or the header files still show up as 3.11?

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