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SubjectReply to Dave Miller Comments


I will attempt to be less vitriolic in the future I have worked for
myself now for almost four years now, so excuse me if I forget that
there are people who don't have the freedom I do and work for someone
else and no better than to shoot their mouth off the way I do. I
respect Linus a lot, so don't get me wrong -- I was just answering Al
Viro's question and attempting to provide him with a point of reference
with a concrete example he could relate to. Looks like the example was
the wrong choice and potentially could offend.

I apologize if I offended anyone -- you have to admit, the guys out
there can get pretty flaming at times, and I am by no means the worst
"flamer" out there. I will attempt to do better in the future. I've
got plenty of bruises and arrows sticking out of my back. One nice
thing about this list is no good deed goes unpunished...




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