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SubjectRe: [PATCH] for PAS16 functionality for 2.4
In article <Pine.LNX.4.21.0009091441260.785-100000@wr5z.localdomain> you wrote:
> The PAS16 sound support includes code for the Soundblaster capability on
> the card.


> I found an apparent Makefile error which does not enable the
> Soundblaster support as anticipated. Adding SB support induces an error
> for uart401 being included twice at various points of the build process.

That no real problem - it's a 'feature' of the list-style Makefiles unless
a little patch for Rules.make goes in ...

> The enclosed patch corrects the Makefile and makes appropriate changes
> to various doc files. Please consider accepting this for the next
> kernel. This patch is against 2.4.0-test8.

Aehmm. Your Makefile patch looks very strange:

> -obj-$(CONFIG_SOUND_PAS) += pas2.o sb_lib.o uart401.o
> +obj-$(CONFIG_SOUND_PAS) += pas2.o sb.o sb_lib.o uart401.o

Why do you remove sb.o from the object list?
The pas2 driver has no code to use the functions in sb_lib.o -
It has only some code to enable the sb emulation of the pas2 card.
Either you remove both sb.o and sb_lib.o and the pas2 sb emulation is gone,
or you leave it as is. Alternative: you can add code to use the sb_lib.o
stuff directly from the pas2 driver (this is the best solution, IMHO).

> - PAS16 compatible. Please read Documentation/sound/PAS16.
> + PAS16 compatible. Do not enable both PAS16 support and Soundblaster
> + support since PAS16 support includes support for Soundblaster.
> + Please read Documentation/sound/PAS16.

Why not - there shouldn't really be an issue with it.
It builds fine for me (and the various distributions kernel rpms).

And I doubt there is any runtime problem with that ...

> @@ -43,11 +43,10 @@
> Pro Audio Studio 16 or Logitech SoundMan 16 (be sure that
> you read the above list correctly). Don't answer 'y' if you
> have some other card made by Media Vision or Logitech since they
> - are not PAS16 compatible.
> - NOTE! Since 3.5-beta10 you need to enable SB support (next question)
> - if you want to use the SB emulation of PAS16. It's also possible to
> - the emulation if you want to use a true SB card together with PAS16
> - (there is another question about this that is asked later).
> + are not PAS16 compatible. PAS16 support includes support for
> + Soundblaster (sb.o module) so do not enable them both.

You can use both - but for pas2 only you don''t have to.

> - insmod opl3
> + modprobe opl3

either works well ...


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