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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18pre1 (Matthias Andree) writes:

>Alan Cox <> writes:

>> Since 2.2.17 isnt out yet I've released 2.2.18pre1 versus 2.2.17pre20. So
>> you need to grab 2.2.16 then apply the 2.2.17pre20 patch then the 2.2.18pre
>> patch of choice.

>Well, I'm asking again, as usual, are you planning to integrate
>kernel-space NFSv3? I'd appreciate if you did.

I support this request. It was promised since 2.2.13 to finally get a
working NFSv3 in the official kernel tree but it was always pushed
back further by "more important things" like driver updates and VM

I know that it is futile but getting LFS and RAID 0.90 would be nice,
too. Especially as 95+% of all Linux users (which use a distribution
kernel) already _have_ 0.90 RAID and the last 5-% are able to patch
the old driver theirselves.

At least as a config option? CONFIG_NEW_RAID vs. CONFIG_OLD_RAID? Alan, if
you accept such a patch, I would generate one vs. 2.2.18pre1

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