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Subjectthread rant

Q: Why do we need threads?
A: Because on some operating systems, task switches are expensive.

Q: So, threads are a hack to get around operating systems that suck?
A: Basically.

Q: So, why must Linux support threads?
A1: : |
A2: So other programs can be easily ported to Linux!

That can already happen. It's not the *best* implementation. It's
not as fast as it can be. But it works. And that's all it should do. If
you're not happy, cope.

"But threads on this system are faster than on Linux!"

The fact that the system implements threads speaks enough about
it's capabilities. ie, it's trying hard to suck less. So, from my POV,
we're looking to make Linux suck more by effectively emulating systems
that are trying to suck less.

But, I've never done anything worthwhile for Linux, so take this for what
it's worth, from an asshole.


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