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SubjectRe: Test-2.4.0-pre8 compile errors (netsyms vs netfilter duplicate defins)
On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Keith Owens wrote:

> >> Duplicate EXPORT_SYMBOL statements. Remove one set from netsyms.c.
> >
> >Why remove the symbols from netsyms.c? Why not remove the duplicates
> >from the files in the netfilter subdirectory?
> They are only needed if the netfilter code is compiled in. It just
> seemed easier to keep the EXPORT_SYMBOL() close to the code that
> defines the symbols. If they are in netsyms then you need #ifdef
> around them, netfilter has already handled that. Either would work, it
> is just my personal preference.

There seems to be some confusion then, probably on my part. Some of the
duplicate symbols are surrounded by #ifedf MODULE, some are not in the
netfilter.c files.

I did a number of tests before submitting my patch for
test6-pre5. These tests included both compiling netfilter code as
modules and as builtin. I got the correct behaviour in both cases. The
Makefile seems to correctly take care of the cases whether MODULE is
defined and whether the code is modular or not.

Personally, if we're going to have a "central" place where such symbols
are defined, such as ksyms and netsyms, I'd rather have them
there. I'll defer to Russell and the other MAITAINTERS, however.

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