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SubjectRe: [patch] lowlatency patch for 2.4, lowlatency-2.4.0-test6-B5
James Simmons wrote:

> > BTW, it's fun to say rude things about the console code but we should
> > understand that it is a difficult problem. Memory-mapped video displays are
> > schizophrenic: they are character devices and hence should talked to via
> > queues. But they're fast and random access, so we also want synchronous
> > write semantics. But they're stateful so we end up where we are today.
> Oh its quite a challenge. Everytime I think I solved a problem I
> discover another limitation of the console system. The code is very old
> and is completely designed around the idea of the VGA text mode hardware.

At least these are words from a kernel developer. I hope this increases the
chances for them to be heard...

> What is even worst is the whole vidoe subsystem. We have DRI/fbdv and
> v4l all running independent of each other but yet each subsystem can have
> a impact on other apps using the other 2 subsystems. Then we have the
> console angle. So when thinking about the console design I have to take in
> consideration the other video subsystems of linux as well. What a job but
> it is well worth it.

How true. And unfortunately I know what you are talking about... :-))
Strangely enough, developing KGI I made the same experiences, except probably
being demotivated more often by the 'officials'.

[Note: The following is not meant offensive in any way.]

I am glad to read this as at least it shades a more objective and less
emotionally light on the approach taken by the GGI/KGI project
The essential concepts of KGI proposed in 1996 (see
are in the new console code now. You have kernel-space video drivers
(fbdev), input hardware drivers (the input interface) and a
management code (the new console code).

Congratulations for that.

> > Good luck with the console project in 2.5 :)

I wish you good luck too. Anyhow, KGI development is still active, and anyone
willing to join is very welcome.

> Innovation, innovate, and the concept of doing what everyone else did 20
> years ago are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other
> buzzwords, euphemisms, and blatant lies are trademarks of their respective
> owners.

Nice signature. I really like it! :-))


Steffen Seeger

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