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SubjectRe: Definitions
Since it seems that mail from my entire company is no longer making it to 
the linux-kernel list, I'm having to post my apology for the vitriolic
nature of my post from hotmail. The reason for this doesn't seem to be with
my mailserver strangely enough. If anyone has a clue as to why that would
be nice...

Sorry about the causticness, such vitriolic language usually doesn't help
foster the discussions I would like to see take place on this list. The
frustrations of developing on the Linux kernel get to you after a while...
But I would like to know why JFFS hasn't been removed if it was an accident.
This seems a little strange to me. Notably after a 'feature freeze', and
the valid hypothesis that it was for Transmeta to be able to have a good
filesystem for their palm/web/lap top devices. Which would really, really
invalidate the "Linus went to work for a neutral vendor to preserve the
integrity of the OS" propaganda that I see...

Once again, sorry to bring the foul language so early on in the discussion.
I'll have my coffee before I post next time.


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