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SubjectRe: Definitions
Date said:
> I know this may sound like a stupid question, but HOW THE FUCK do you
> ACCIDENTALLY add a filesystem? Talk about a lame ass excuse that
> holds water like a strainer.

That was originally an accident on my part. I'd got into the habit of
sending a patch to Linus each time I released a tarball of the MTD code.

I sent it to Linus last time merely out of habit, rather than any real
expectation that he'd include it into 2.4.0-test$n. But he did, and I'd
forgotten that it also happened to include JFFS.

Mea Culpa.

> And if it was an accident, why wasn't it removed in later releases?

That I can't say. Possibly because it has zero effect on the rest of the
kernel if you don't turn it on. said:
> Notably after a 'feature freeze', and the valid hypothesis that it
> was for Transmeta to be able to have a good filesystem for their palm/
> web/lap top devices. Which would really, really invalidate the
> "Linus went to work for a neutral vendor to preserve the integrity of
> the OS" propaganda that I see...

Actually, to the best of my knowledge, Transmeta aren't using it yet.
Certainly we've had no input from them.

For some reason, I believe Linus is actually capable of maintaining a
separate patch to the kernel for his own internal use. And if the Transmeta
devices are intending to ship on 2.4 any time soon, then he knows something
we don't, or has finally flipped.

P.S. I can _assure_ you that no fellatio was involved.


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