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SubjectRe: [PATCH] signal_struct slab cache
On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Mark Hemment wrote:
> Not all caches are system-wide (and the sigact_cachep in my patch _is_not_
> system-wide). Why add to all the polution?

Of course, I know that you know about slab.h - you wrote it! :)

I was talking about the new more recent usage of slab.h as something more
than just interface header to your SLAB allocator. Namely it now serves as
a header for declarations of SLAB caches used by more than one compilation

And if it is used by more than one compilation unit (and your
sigact_cachep is) then it is visible system wide, i.e. it is not static to
that compilation unit. It was a pollution to have single (or in pairs)
"extern kmem_cache_t *bla_cachep" all over the place so I put some of them
in slab.h next to the rest which were already there and that was accepted
by Linus as cleanup (rather than adding to pollution).


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