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    SubjectRe: nfsv3 won't interoperate with solaris (still) <- More details ...
    On Mon, 07 Aug 2000, wrote:
    > What are all the requirements for NFSv3 linux server?
    > I see I need nfs-utils-


    > According to nfs-utils- I need >util-linux-2.10m.
    > According to that same document, maybe I also need:

    You need util-linux-2.10m patched with the above. util-linux can
    be a tricky beast and a PAM nightmare on such equipped systems
    (e.g., RedHat, SuSE, etc...). If you don't build it right, you
    could be locked out of your system.

    I am running with util-linux-2.10f on RedHat 6.2, then downloaded
    mount-2.10m-2.2.i386.rpm from HJL's site at VA:

    That seems to work nicely.

    You can also try HJL's kernels there if you'd like (I have and
    they're working great for me!). If you decide to take advantage of
    Ext3, I highly recommend you get the latest, Ext3-aware Ext2
    utilities (e2fsprogs):

    -- TheBS

    P.S. I am documenting this in a NFS+Journaling HOWTO. If anyone
    would like a preliminary release tarball (HTML format, made with
    the standard LDP LyX-LinuxDoc->Export-SGML->SGML2HTML procedure),
    just let me know (I'm just about done, comes to ~18 pages in
    PostScript). I would like a lot of input (largely because I'm just
    a sysadmin and probably have a few facts wrong, or quite a few
    facts wrong ;-). It is designed to supplement existing
    HOWTOs/FAQs/etc on both NFS and Journaling (again, NOT an expert
    here ;-).

    Bryan "TheBS" Smith CONTACT INFO
    Chat: thebs413 @ AOL/MSN/Yahoo (see

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