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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.2: /proc/config.gz
Robert Greimel writes:

>> BTW, /boot/`uname -r` is the first place in which
>> procps looks for the the data. Red Hat and Debian
> Yes, but it is no good if you switch between different kernel
> versions as you will get error messages about being
> the wrong version number (unless you copied it every time you
> boot a different kernel, of course).

Huh? The version number is right there. For example:

Doing a "make install" should put in the right place.
Unless you have scripts to update them at boot, I suggest that you
delete /, /boot/, and any other unversioned
copies you might have floating around.

You don't get the build number or a unique ID.
This is a flaw but see below...

> /lib/modules/<release> is a much more natural place, IMHO.
> I would even go so far as to say that procps should look
> there first before looking in /boot.

Nope. The "release" is exactly what gets used in /boot.
There is no advantage here.

Modules might not exist, and has nothing to do
with modules anyway. is derived from the kernel.

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