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SubjectRe: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than on

This is one of my first posts here, so try to be gentle, please ;)

Seems like if a thread which shares a VM with all the other threads of the
same family does an execve, the following would be likely to occurr, using
the standard definition of execve. The vm would be overwriteen with the
new image, but this would have to wwipe out all the other threads in the
process, 'cuz otherwise everything they refer to has just been overwritten
by the results of the execve. However, if the execve'ing thread was
allowed to spawn off intop a new address space before the execve, it would
then become a new process, and leave the parent procvess with one less
thread to worry about.

Or am I being very stupid and overlooking something critical here?

Have a nice day ;)
Erik McKee

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