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SubjectRe: hfs support for blocksize != 512
Alexander wrote vs I wrote vs he wrote etc.

> > > And let's not go into the links to directories, implemented well
> > > after it became painfully obvious that they were an invitation for
> > > troubles (from looking into Amiga newsgroups it seems that miracle
> > > didn't happen - I've seen quite a few complaints about fs breakage
> > > answered with "don't use links to directories, they are broken").
> >
> > They MAY be fixed in the OS3.5 BoingBag 2 (service pack 2 with a
> > cutsiepie name.) Heinz has committed yet another rewrite.
> Ouch... Why did he do them (links to directories, that is), in the
> first place?

Since you asked, but I am warning you that you don't want to know....
Well, maybe you do - there is a project to port UNIXy tools to every
platform in existance. While I like some of the people involved just
a whole lot I dislike the way they have done it. They attempt to pervert
other filesystems into UNIX lookalikes. They needed links. They
pestered the Commodore people until in desperation to shut them
up Randall made an effort. As you note, as a filesystem AFFS is not
well suited to links. (But then a lightweight threaded OS is not well
suited to several popular GCCisms such as huge amounts of data
on the stack. It takes programmer discipline to write threaded programs
properly. But the results are, in my experience, very well worth it. And
avoiding stack overflow on small stack spaces is one of the keys
unless the OS has done what BeOS did by assigning absurd default
stack spaces to accommodate GeekGadgets.)

> > > Anyway, it's all history. We can't unroll the kludge, no matter
> > > what we do. We've got what we've got. And I'm not too interested in
> > > distribution of the blame between the people in team that seems to be
> > > dissolved years ago. I consider AFFS we have to deal with as a poor
> > > of design and I think that it gives more than enough reasons for that.
> > > In alternative history it might be better. So might many other things.

> >
> > Indeed, poor or not it exists and we live with it in the Amiga
> > (Um, I wonder if I could talk Hendrix into a copy of the source for SFS
> > it could be ported to Linux.... These days I prefer it to FFS. {^_-})
> Hmm... What, format description is not available?

SFS is a private effort on Hendrix's part. It is wholely unrelated to FFS.
But it does work on the Amiga, fairly nicely. I'm not sure how much of
his structures he has released publicly. (It is also in perpetual beta.)

> > If you want I can bend your ear on things Amiga for longer than your
> > patience stretches, I suspect. (I've been following the threads
> alt.folklore.computers is -> that way ;-) Let's take it there...

Private email is easier. I've had my Use(less)Net aversion therapy. (I
got well and good spoiled by BIX in its prime. It had the highest signal
to noise ratio I have experienced yet.)

Er, and if you want info about the latest changes to the RDB spec to
incorporate into the kernel attempts to read the AFFS boot sectors
<singsong voice> "I can help you." Er, I am the person guilty for the
latest perversions. {^_-}

> ObWTF: WTF did these guys drop QNX when they clearly wanted RTOS? Do they
> have somebody who
> a) knew the difference between RT and TS and
> b) knew that Linux is TS?

Um, it would not be either polite or politic to say what I "really" think
here or
anywhere else. I am reserving judgement until I have had a chance to test
what a full up "elate" can do. I am willing to be (very) surprised.

The interesting thing is that we need an OS somewhere between QNX and
Linux. Sadly it appears that NT is about what fits in the niche and is well
known to sell to our customers, theme parks, theaters, cruise ships, and
venues. It's a small niche. We have fun doing it. And we make enough money
to finance doing more of it. (And so far the customers are more than passing
honest, which is amazingly refreshing. And it's amazing fun to walk into a
like Wonderland in the Toronto area and see their volcano really work
that it is our tool making it go. The looks on the other people's faces are

(Er, by day Loren, my partner, is a mild mannered (hah) OS hacker for
UniSys. Lately he's been "doing" specialty HALs for their BIG machines.
He has some interesting opinions about the various OSs out there and
how people are relearning what he and his buddies learned, often the
hard way, 20 years ago. He nearly single handedly built some of the
Burroughs OSs. Chuckle - he was hired to write documentation. They
discovered he was fixing bugs he found while testing his documentation.
Suddenly he was tossed into the OS group as a programmer.)


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