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    SubjectRe: PATCH: psaux lockups on SMP 2.4.0-test*
    Kevin Buhr wrote:

    > There's an insidious spinlock hang hidden in "drivers/char/pc_keyb.c".
    > "handle_mouse_event" is called with the "kbd_controller_lock" held. If it
    > sees an "AUX_RECONNECT" scancode on the wire, it tries to---according
    > to the comments---"ping the mouse". Unfortunately, it does this using
    > "aux_write_ack" which tries to grab the lock again.
    > I triggered this while playing protocol games with a new wheel mouse.
    > Presumably, anyone who plugs a PS/2 mouse into a running SMP machine
    > will hang their machine; and a flakey mouse that generates spurious
    > AUX_RECONNECT messages (or even a working mouse that happens to generate
    > that scancode validly) would lead to mysterious lockups, I think.
    > Anyway, here's a patch. I've tested this on 2.4.0-test5, but it should
    > work fine on test7, too.

    Hi all,

    I have similar problems with a PS/2 mouse on my machine and 2.4.0-test7.
    The mouse works ok under X if gpm is not loaded. When loading gpm -t ps2
    (gpm 1.19.3) the mouse doesn't work at all in textmode. After killing
    gpm and starting it a second time, the machine freezes. This is 100%
    reproduceable. I've tried the patch Kevin Buhr posted but it doesn't
    change things.

    Machine is: i686 Linux-2.4.0-test7 (vanilla)
    It's an uniprocessor machine without SMP support, hence the spinlock
    issue above doesn't apply here.

    IRQ assignment is as follows:

    irq 0: 178330 timer irq 9: 0 acpi
    irq 1: 3427 keyboard irq 10: 53381 ide0, ide1
    irq 2: 0 cascade [4] irq 11: 23 bttv
    irq 5: 29039 eth0 irq 12: 49690 PS/2 Mouse
    irq 6: 2 irq 13: 1 fpu
    irq 7: 1 parport0 [3] irq 14: 708 ide2
    irq 8: 1 rtc irq 15: 93661

    I seem to remember that the mouse worked with earlier 2.4.0-testX
    versions, but I can't exactly tell at which point things broke.


    Udo Steinberg.
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