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SubjectQueries re: >test5
I have two fairly trivial questions to ask
since I copled test6 my system refuses to reboot.
It finishes shutdown but then gives the following approc
cannot umount /
cannot umount /dev
cannot umount /dev
(I am using devfs which sees to be workng fine except for the next
2. Mounting a pp zp drive
Runing a modified RH6.1 I have compled Scsi and iomega zip 100 (ppa and
imm) support as modules.
However the device for the zip drive (as per the howto /dev/sda4) does not
Under my stock kernel there is not a problem - anyone any ideas.

I have upgraded my packages apart from util-linux (which insists on
glibc2.2 which does not exist as yet)

I know these are fairly trivial problems but have trawled through various
howtos, google and the kernel docs and not found a clue.

Microsoft(tm) - a particularly nasty virus affecting majority of PC's
Vaccinate with Linux ASAP!!
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