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SubjectRe: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than on native Linux"

> The main problem Linux clone has over LWPs is the extensive memory resource
> usage (~8.5K on x86, 16+somethingK on 64bit for the kernel stacks)

Hmm... Andi, could you elaborate this? Does LWP need not kernel stack?

It is diffucult to believe that LWP in some OS eats less resources
than Linux process does.

> Also the LinuxThreads library does horrible things at pthread_create time,
> like doing a full context switch to the manager thread and cloning from
> there (mostly to work around signal/waitpid() problems in the kernel)

I hope, this is closer to truth.

But even closer to truth is that "thread creation" is not equal
to "LWP creation", thread may be created not entering kernel at all.
F.e. normal multithreading application with several thousands of threads
with sane thread library creates only couple of LWPs sometimes,
because LWPs are created only when they are _required_.
LinuxThreads is far from being sane in this sense.

BTW look into our scheduler, which scans all the list of idle processes
each time slice, when only one process is running really and the rest
are deathly dead. 8)

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